Aim of the project

To exercise and foster the integration of the European Emergency Response Capacity /Voluntary Pool (EERC/VP) into the Spanish Civil Protection System and its participants, in accordance with the Spanish regulations and the organisational framework of civil protection.

At National Level

♦ To promote and show the ability of the Spanish Civil Protection System to deal with a complex emergency.

♦ To elaborate and share SOPs (Standard operational procedures) proposals and factsheets of potential capacities proposals (modules and other response capacities) to join the EERC/VP.

At EU Level

♦ To exercise and test the procedures for requesting UCPM (Union Civil Protection Mechanism) assistance and deploying EERC/VP assets.

♦ To explore the function of the EU coordination and assessment teams (EUCP teams) in national planning and emergency response and to draft the Terms of Reference (TOR,s).

♦ To elaborate and share with other participating states SOPs proposals and factsheets proposals addressed to potential national capacities (modules and other response capacities) in the process of joining the EERC/VP.

♦ To foster the collaboration between the National Civil Protection System and the UCPM in the process of registration and certification of new capacities.

♦ To practice the activation of the risk mapping and recovery services of the European Earth satellite observation system 'Copernicus', and their integration process with existing national procedures.