EU RiwaterEX 2018

EURiwaterex 2018', a European large-scale exercuse to cope with a scenario of flooding in the Jarama river

Exercise EURIWATEREX (Risk WATER flooding EXercise) was conducted and carried out from 22 to 26 October. It has been organized by the General Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergencies, in close collaboration with the Agency for Security and Emergencies Madrid 112 of the Madrid Region that was responsible for the emergency management.

This exercise, which is part of the annual program of exercises of the European Civil Protection Mechanism, will promote the integration of the capacities of the national system of Civil Protection response with European response capabilities.

During its execution, the general scenario of flooding in the basin of the Jarama triggered different types of emergencies, and led to the activation of different emergency plans, as well as to the mobilization of national and international resources. In total around 600 first responders were mobilized.

The scenario allowed the commitment of interventions capacities for containment of flooding and pumping bilge water as well as water rescue actions, tunnels or caves, victim identification and deployment of medical outposts, among others.

First responders teams of  the Madrid Region, Civil Guard and Emergency Military Unit  reinforced  by teams from Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Romania, mobilized by the European Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) within the framework of the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

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The scenario will consist in the simulation of a major emergency environment caused by heavy rains and important reservoir discharge for avoiding worsening and devastating consequences. This will take place in a highly populated environment, with a huge impact downstream on critical transport infrastructure (airport, highways, railways and tunnels), extensive flooded areas and some technological cascade effects.
Extensive flooding in highly populated and industrial areas also gives the opportunity to test cascading effects on chemical and industrial facilities. In the same way, the impact of transport accidents allows testing and applying procedures for the identification of victims in serious accidents.
Chemical sampling and detection and victim’s identification capacities and procedures will be explored and practised, resulting in the final configuration modules and other complementary capacities (RPAS, SAR in special conditions, caves and water environment) proposals to be shared with the Commission and other PS,s.
This scenario, developed in different thematic sites, will allow integrating modules and other response capacities from the EERC/VP or in the process of registering through the common communication tool system (CECIS).

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Lessons Learned meeting EU RIWATEREX 2018

On 14th March 2019 at the ENPC (Madrid), this activity will be carried out with the partners’ representatives in the project, the Commission Desk Officer and representatives of the National CP...

3ª Reunión del Comité de Coordinación EU Riwaterex 2018

El próximo 14 de marzo de 2019 en la sede de la Escuela Nacional de Protección Civil (ENPC), se desarrollará esta actividad con los representantes de los países socios y de la Comisión Europea. El...

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Stay informed at all times of the possible evolution of weatherchanges
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At your home

Move the essentials to the highest floors, close the electricity and gas mains and follow the instructions of the authorities in case of evacuation.

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If you are driving

Decrease speed

Drive, preferably, by main roads and motorways.

Do not drive into flooded areas, or stop in areas where large amounts of water can flow.

Leave  the car and look for higher ground if you become sorrounded by a stream of whater. Do not attempt to save your car in the middle of a flood.

Do not park your vehicle in flood-prone areas because you could be swept away by the force of the water.

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In the countryside

Move away from rivers, streams, and low-lying areas of slopes and hills, avoid crossing flooded fords.

Go to the highest points in the area.